Byte Night

Why size doesn’t matter when it comes to CSR

Corporate social responsibility. Sounds grand doesn’t it? For big companies, corporate philanthropy can be measured in the millions of pounds.  But what if you’re a small business? Or an individual? Is it possible to make a difference? I’m happy to say that it is. This will be my 10th Byte Night. Since 2002 I’ve slept out for one night a year so that others less fortunate than me don’t h
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Join us for Byte night 2012

Well it’s the time of year when our thoughts turn to Byte night and this years event looks like it will be bigger and better than ever. We’ve got a new section on the website to help raise awareness and give people a central place to come to find out what’s happening with the Compound Media team this year. We’ve also had some new business cards printed (see above) which we think will be a grea
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Byte night 2011 raises over £750,000

  Last years Byte night was the biggest yet, raising over £180,000 more than in 2010, a massive achievement considering the challenging times we find ourselves in. Over 800 people slept out at events in London, Cambridge, Thames Valley and Edinburgh. We were once again at the London event and a great night was had by all with the weather being kind to us so we were cold but not wet. We’re already looking f
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Byte Poker raises over £2,000

The inaugural Byte Poker tournament in aid of Byte Night was a huge success with 50 players trying to out-wit each other for the £500 first prize.
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