Publishing strategy
Responsive design

Responsive design – the holy grail for publishers?

Today, users are consuming on-line content on an ever increasing range of devices.  The relatively new discipline of “responsive design” has a lot to offer publishers.  By designing a series of flexible grids, content can be dynamically formatted to automatically work on the widest range of screen sizes from the largest desktop displays through to the smallest mobile handsets.  Developing sites in this way, although
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Digital editions vs Interactive magazines

I spoke recently at the Publishing Expo at Olympia on a panel entitled “Digital editions vs Interactive magazines”.  I’m not sure that my presentation actually fitted within those boundaries but I was billed as the sceptic so I took my artistic license to the limits!
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The death of the publishing industry?

Everywhere I look lately, there are articles and blog posts full of doom and gloom about print publishing business models that don’t work any more and how newspapers and magazines are dying.  Some of this coverage is coming from industry commentators and some from ex publishing insiders who have seen the problems first hand (one might even argue that they have been partly responsible for them).
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