QR Codes

Why publishers should be experimenting with QR codes

Do your target audience have smartphones? Are you already providing them with high quality print products? Do you want to connect with them digitally?  You should be thinking about using QR Codes. What are QR codes? Surprisingly, they have been around since 1994, originating in Japan to be used for tracking automotive parts.  QR stands for “Quick Response” and the best way to think of them are as printed
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QR Code outside a building

Why publishers should be experimenting with QR codes (continued)

This article is the second part of a series exploring how publishers might use QR Codes to extend the real world of print to the digital universe. If you haven’t already, you probably ought to read the first part of the article before starting here. If you scanned the QR Code to get to this page, welcome back! Easy wasn’t it? Opportunities for customer publishers The most obvious opportunity for publisher
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